Board games have been played in almost all societies cultures in human history. Simple board games are frequently seen as perfect family entertainment as they may provide entertainment for all ages. Some board games, like chess, have extreme strategic value and have become lasting classics. So, here we have provided the top 6 board games to play with your family or friends.

Top 6 Board Games

Clue or Cluedo

Clue or cluedo is a famous board game originally created by Parker Brothers. The object of the clue game is to solve a murder. This highly-rated game is for children eight and up, and you may play two to six players.

The Clue Game comes with various props, comprising the game board, six miniature weapons, six tokens, a case file envelope, 30 cards, dice, a pad of detective notebook sheets and, obviously, a game guide.

During each opportunity, you can discover the mansion, coming up with theories about which the murderer is and what weapon they are used. Other players can then challenge your theories until somebody lastly figures out the crime.


Everybody loves scrabble, but not everybody knows basic rules and how to play scrabble well. Scrabble is one of the most popular word-based board games.

This game can acquire competitive with experienced players but it’s also a lot of fun with kids who are understanding to spell as well as working on their own vocabulary.

The object of the scrabble game is to acquire the most points by playing words on a board that you join to words created by your related players. To perform scrabble, you want at least one additional player. You will also require a scrabble board with all its components.

Connect 4

Simple rules & gameplay makes it easy for kids to learn and the lots of possible winning combinations existent unique experiments for adults.

Connect 4 is a 2 player connection game in which the performers first pick a color and then take chances falling one colored disc in the very best into seven columns, six-row suspended grid.

The object of the connect 4 games is to be the first to form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of four of one’s individual discs.


Board Games

Skip-Bo is another popular board game. This board game is played with two to six players. The main object of this game is to eliminate your cards while blocking other performers from discarding theirs.

Moreover, Skip-bo game is created on sequencing the numbers and there is a number of 162 cards in the box. There are just two kinds of cards in the game.


Backgammon is a board game for 2 players, played with 2 dice each, 30 checkers or markers, and on a board made up of 24 narrow triangles known as points.

The points different in color and are collected into 6 triangular factors on each and every quarter of the board.

To win a game, you must move all your checkers into your individual home board and then accept them off.


Basic chess rules are vital if you wish to know chess. Chess is a board game played by 2 players. Each performer controls an army of sixteen pieces, 1 individual plays with the white army and the other performs the black army.

Beginning with white, every player takes a chance of shifting one bit every time.

Every piece moves in a unique way, and accepting how the pieces move is essential when studying how to play chess. You can also read more information like this on