A circular issued by Indore district collector quoting finance department directives–asking government employees to submit information of the card towards the treasury to attract salary— has put 30 health department officials of Indore in the spot.

They have not received a salary for December. Among those, who didn’t get their salary include Vyapam scam whistleblower Dr. Anand Rai’s wife Dr. Gauri Rai.

The circular, a replica of which is using TOI, says salaries of health department employees who do not submit information regarding How to apply for Aadhar card towards the treasury department, might not be released.


Dr. Gauri Rai, that’s also yet to submit details about her Aadhaar card towards the treasury, feels the action of withholding her salary can be a violation of high court ruling. The Indore bench of the high court had earlier directed their state government to produce her salary after it had been withheld in October 2015 within a Vyapam scam-related fallout.

“It can be a dictatorial order on the finance department. Salary of a typical government employee cannot be stopped regardless of whether an officer is suspended. It can be a human right associated with an employee,” said Dr. Anand Rai. Passing a purchase against Supreme Court directives is unconstitutional, he was quoted saying.

He said, “Such officers, who cannot abide by an order from the court, needs to be suspended. If there is a requirement for an identity card and then there are other identity cards which can be accepted countrywide.”

Meanwhile, district collector P Narahari claimed that she was merely following directives issued from Bhopal. “The directions had resulted from headquarters in Bhopal. We have implemented the transaction in totality and informed the staff to provide Aadhaar card number so they really do not face problems in salary disbursal,” he explained.

When asked whether or not the circular will not be a violation of Supreme Court order, he was quoted saying, “No employee is usually deprived of his salary because of it his/her right. Directions to link Aadhaar card with treasury department has originated from Bhopal. They would manage to comment whether it be a violation of court orders or otherwise not.”

In October 2015, a constitution bench led by Chief Justice H L Dattu had clarified that linking of Aadhaar for providing services will only be on a voluntary basis without person will likely be deprived associated with a benefit for want of Aadhaar card.

Principal secretary (finance) Ashish Upadhyay claimed that salaries of employees were not stopped for failing to submit Aadhaar card details. “We have issued the instruction to produce salaries across the state of Hawaii and extended deadline for submission of Aadhaar card details.”