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Jio Chat for PC Downloads Tutorial Online

Technology is growing faster and communication means becomes much better than previous era. Whatspp, WeChat and here launched Jio Chat, a wonderful application to challenge them. Jio Chat is launched by Reliance group to share texts, images, voice calling, and video calling. It is one step ahead a best home-grown application for the Indian users, absolutely free to install in android platforms and iOS devices. Now the question is how to install Jio chat in PC? You can follow our instructions of we are how to install Jio Chat for PC. But before moving ahead we are going to show you the key features of Jio Chat.

Jio Chat Features

  • Shares instant messages, voice callsvideocalls.
  • Offline chat option is available.
  • Free Emoji’s and stickers available share emotions.
  • Hide or share images and messages.
  • Syncs contacts automatically in onesms
  • No need to sign in again and again once you sign in.
  • Keeps you updating and connecting with latest brands and celebrities from news, entertainmentandsports. If you interested in install best social app then download hello android app for PC.


How to Install Jio Chat for PC

It is obvious that above features tempts everyone to download this app in PC too. You can download filmora in Windows 7 or XP through android emulators. In android emulators we choose bluestacks. Bluestacks is reputed and well-known emulator smoothly works in the installation process. So let’s start the process with bluestacks.


  • First downloadbluestacksin Windows.
  • Open the installedbluestacksin your Windows PC.
  • In the searchcolumnyou need to type Jio Chat.
  • Click oninstalltab to begin the download procedure.
  • Jio Chat is downloading, wait till the downloading procedure don’t complete.
  • Once itgetinstalled, go to


    pageand find Jio Chat.

  • Just click on the app and start using this app.

It is a step by step explanation to download Jio Chat for PC. You must have a web camera, microphones for sharing videos or experiencing the video calling facility. Follow this procedure and get connecting with the friends and family in the bigger screen of the PC.

PAC ROM For Android Devices

PAC rom is one of the best custom roms ever. This rom is named as PAC because is a combination of features of three most popular custom roms in history of android development and rooting that are Paranoid Android, Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) and last but not the least CyanogenMod. It combines the best feature of all the three roms in to one powerful, liquid smooth and blazing fast rom i.e. PAC rom. And like they say ”What’s there in a name?”

It packs the salient feature of the three most customizable roms available to rooted android users. So if you are going to root your phone then you must install this ROM for sure. Let us talk about its features.

PAC borrows the ever useful Pie Menu and Full-screen Mode from Paranoid Android. Pie is a multitasking environment creator providing you all the necessary apps and settings shortcuts on screen that you need and thus you no longer need the clumsy navigation and status bar. Therefore, you have the full-screen space at your disposal and you can do whatever you were wishing to do with that screen space. Pie is there for your smooth navigation through all the apps and settings and every corner of android.

Another fascinating feature It borrows from Paranoid Android is the per-app DPI feature. This feature lets you resize each app available on your rooted android device according to you own taste. You can increase or decrease the size of each app so that they can appear bigger or smaller on display. Thus you can control the overall appearance of your device.

Further, PAC rom takes the Navigation Bar customization and Ring feature from AOKP. You can customize the navigation bar of your smart phone deciding the number of apps that appear on it or giving it a particular color as well as what the buttons would do on short press and long press. Everything is in your hand.

Another fascinating feature is the Ribbon function that PAC rom also borrows from the AOKP. This ribbon function enables you to set up rows of buttons in strategic locations all over the display and allocate different service actions for them. Your device can be used as a swipe pad, which is kind of enthralling. Bur reminding you again if you have not rooted your phone there is no way you can use these features.


PAC rom is awesome to use but with every advantage, there is a certain disadvantage. Here the disadvantage is that PAC is just a mash up three other popular roms and do not have anything original of its own. So it becomes weary sometimes and compared to other roms which offer great developer support PAC is weaker in this area.

PAC includes mods and tweaks from other roms which while combined together might not work as they work on individual roms and thus the whole purpose may fail. Other than this PAC developers have to work hard when the original roms push updates and introduces new features so whole lot of work is required to include these features into PAC rom.

Overall this is very nice rom to use which offer great stability and customization that normal android user on a manufacturer installed rom or firmware cannot even imagine. All you need is rooting your phone and get the taste of PAC rom and unleash the true power of android and use the android the way you have never used it before. Rooting your phone may let you enjoy these features and you can also install a large number of custom roms available out there and all are free to use.

Ilos screen Recorder Apk Download Free for android

Ilos screen Recorder Apk

IIos Screen Recorder is a screen capturing and recording application. Using this application you can record or capture your mobile screen and upload or upload your video on YouTube, One drive, Drop box, Facebook etc. Or simply save that into your device. There is No watermark, No ads, No time limits.

With a big recording button in the middle of the interface, you are able to start your video or audio recording. In addition, the IIos screen recorder has its web recorder on its official website. Recording your computer screen or recording Skype calling is also very interesting.  Let’s know the features of the application:

Features: IIos Screen Recorder

  1. Audio recording from your device using Microphone.
  2. Great audio.
  3. It provides facilities to upload your video on Social media, Drives etc.
  4. There is no time limit for recording your screen video.
  5. There are no Watermarks and no Ads.
  6. Record your full screen.
  7. No root required.


Installation steps of IIos Screen Recorder

The IIos Screen Recorder comes in top 2 categories in screen recording application so let’s try. The basic thing which wants to download the application is internets connect them with your device.

  • Open Google Play Store on your device.
  • Search the IIos Screen Recorder in Google Play Store.
  • Play Store show you so many options regarding related screen recording.
  • Select The IIos Screen Recorder and press on install.
  • It takes some time so waits while installation process completed.
  • After installation opens your application and use amazing features and also try SCR Pro 2 Download.

How to use IIos Screen Recorder

After installing the application the application icons are on the screen, so open that. In application Homepage, there are two options one is capture screen and second is upload video. If you want to capture or start recording then click on capture screen. After pressing on capture screen, it asks you start recording or not? When you ready then press start.

The video which you capture is saving in your device. Now the second option is upload video. In which you want to upload your video and this is work as same youtube video uploading feature. You can also set your video title, limit, and share with people and people also do comment or like on your video with this also read Feature of Pocket Dragon.


IIos Screen Recorder is coming in the top two categories in the list of screen recording application. This application providing sharing or uploading feature also so you can make the recording of your screen and upload and share with people and application has web recording feature also so it is unique so download and use that amazing features.

Get back all documents after issuance of the passport

The ministry of external affairs has taken the procedure of passport application to an all different level with a safe pair of hands! Practically it is something where the people had to keep their documents for the validation of the passport.

For almost over than a year and lakhs of brown paper covered files containing original documents of applicants! Guess out what happens with the documents! After being stored over than a year, they are all destroyed. As a matter of fact, they are destroyed by shredding and pulping.

However, the latest news that came up is that the originals documents for the passport as well as the photocopies of each and every document will be returned back to the public as soon as possible! Even for applications put on hold for want of additional proof, only photocopies will be retained by the passport office and not the original.

As a matter of fact, the officers will decide whether they should retain the documents for further verification or they will indeed give back the file of documents at the time of deciding on granting of the passport!

According to the news, after the validation of the passport, then they will individually decide as they would have loved to keep the validation procedure click here going on! The idea is as much to clear out physical space in our office as it is to benefit the applicants. As the major cities, there are bulk applications of Passport in every month, and there are lots of papers stored. So what you want to do is to get the best things noted!

According to the verification procedure which is coming up check passport status then there are a lot of things which one needs to take care of and for almost everyone, a lot of people comes out to count.

So when you are applying for the passport, you can get back the documents at a low time indeed and there are almost a lot of things which you need to go for.

So now you will not have to wait any longer to get your documents back, you can almost grant it immediately after the passport is issued!

How to download the Clean Master for PC

Are you in real need for cleaning your PC? Well, there are a lot of ways you can do that but getting it better with the help of a smart application for your phone is just the thing that you need. The Clean Master for your PC is just what you would need to get a hold of. So to get started, you can just go on to download the Clean Master application for your PC and then go on with it. Indeed, there are quite a few things which you will need to get on started with it.

How to get Clean Master for PC?

Step 1:

The first step which you need to have is an android emulator which will always help your PC to run successfully with the needs. So to generate it in your PC, You need to first download the BlueStacks Application. This application will automatically help you in downloading all your needs.

Step 2:

The next thing that you need to come up with is the progression of the file. Remember that once you have downloaded the file, you now have to look for the Download Clean master apk file through the application.

Clean master apk

Step 3:

Read more on  SuperSu apk for pc Install option of the file to get started with the download of the file that helps you. Once it has finished up downloading you now have to click on all the agreements and then accept the installation.

Step 4:

Last but not the least once the installation has been entirely complete, just download the open the files and then get started with playing it.

So to end up all your needs you need to be accurate in order to get the best things up for your needs. Well the Clean master for PC is just what you would love to have.

WeChat for PC Downloads Online

Social networking sites become a part of life now. Long distance relations come closer with the social media sites. WeChat is the best networking site very popular in sharing instant messages, videos, images, photos and stickers. WeChat is freely available to download in Android, iOS and windows phones. It gives you the better comfort of sharing smiles with others. It gives you the better choice to bring closeness in relations. But what then when you are restricted to not carry the phone at office premises or if you don’t have a Smartphone.

Better you make your PC or laptop a Smartphone. Yes it can happen here only. We have provided a complete course of action of how to download We Chat for PC. It is the easiest and simplest way to get the Smartphone facility in your PC. You can also download Playbox HD apk for android. There is a minor procedure which you need to follow. Let’s take a look at here under,

Step 1:

WeChat is the prominent social networking app after whatsapp and facebook. If you are looking to download this app in desktop, you must install SNES android emulator software (Bluestacks) from Google. First of all install this software from the internet.

Step 2:

Once you download bluestacks, it will open the homepage. Here you will see the search column. Enter the app name over here.

Step 3:

Once you enter the app name then go down and see the install tab. Just click on this Install tab and permit bluestacks to download this app.

Step 4:

Your app is downloading, now have patient. Let the bluestacks complete the downloading. It will take some time.

Step 5:

Once the downloading is finished go back to the home page of bluestacks, your downloaded app image will reflect there. Just click on that image.


Here you go; you are ready to enjoy this app for a lifetime. It is the best way to get an unlimited conversation in the free or relaxing hours. You can update your current profile, sync with your old contacts; find new friends, share videos. Also, download Best photo collage maker app from the official website. There are many such activities you can do with PC cum Smartphone.

Check Pan card verification online

Pan Card Status – If you make an application for New Pan Card but don’t realize how to get status, How many days it should take to reach at your house .. If you are at not home than which will take your pan card. All your query get a solution in charge of all those who make an application for pan card. You can check against each other Pan Card Status Online. So, any time should you searching status but don’t realize how to get exact status where it truly is pan card. Here we mention detail by detail guide to look pan card status online.

Check Also – Pan Card Status, know your pan
5 Steps to Pan card verification online

Step: 1 Carry your Pan Card Receipt with you

Step: 2 Once you’ve pan card receipt Click here

Step : 3 Once you open that link Fill up below mention details

Select application type (Select Pan)
Write Acknowledgement Number Which you’ve in Receipt
Write Surname, Name, Last name that you’ve got a mention while refilling the application form.
Write Date of birth or company writes the date of incorporation date.

Once you done above step Submit
Step: 4 Once you complete all the above steps then submit the application
Step: 5 Your Application status is showing on the watch’s screen (You can also please take a print out of these statuses)
Once you submit an application for pan card after 4-5 days your status will demonstrate. So, don’t check status on second or 3rd next day applying. Check status after 5 days. So, you’ll get your exact status on your pan card.
If you Forget your Pan Card Number and would like to check against each other then follow below steps.
Check More – Know Your Pan
Know Your Pan Card Details together with your Name and Date of Birth
As everyone is aware that pan card is critical things in day by day life. If you lose the pan card then you definitely must have to sign up for the second one. Otherwise, you enter trouble while load the taxes return. So, right here is the mentioned detail by detail guide the way to Know Your Pan Number.

Step: 1 Go to the below mention Link
Step: 2 Once you click here you then will redirect on another page.
Step : 3 Where you ought to enter the Date of Birth
Step: 4 Your Surname, Middle Name, Last Name per your previous pan card
Step: 5 Once you completed the above-mentioned steps solve the captcha code for security purpose
Step: 6 Submit the shape
Step: 7 Once you submit the application It can have all your details.

Know Your Pan Card Number Online
Here may be the link using this link you may find out the aforementioned form – Click HereStay tune around for any pan card details, status, determine pan card number everything you will determine here.

Have you recently applied on your PAN card through NSDL? You are on the most convenient place to look at NSDL PAN status online within matter of moments. As we have posted an extremely useful part of the information on checking UTI PAN Card status, this post exclusively serves to users who will be looking to check on their PAN card status through the portal of NSDL.

Before you get lost on the internet searching for sites to look NSDL PAN status or for the NSDL site itself, we’re going to guide you straight away to the NSDL’s official page where you could just enter your details and examine the status within your applied PAN Card or applied obtain change.


How to Download Playbox HD App

Hey, friends, do you need to use this awesome android gay chat application with your PC (Windows 7/8 MAC) for gay, bi and curious men. Then just Follow this post – Grindr For PC . Grindr is usually a awesome gay chat application, search gay friends here and talk to him. This Android app is manufactured by Grindr LLC . Now this Grindr for pc has so much popular in Google play store.

Android users are choosing this app since a very long time. But now we have been coming using this great tips for working with how to run Grindr on PC… USe another app Vidmate On PC
There are definitely more features in Grindr android apps. You can search Vidmate for PCgay friends and send a friend request to him. If he accepts then start contacting your gay friend by any android smartphone. Just download this app absolutely free from here.

If you are utilizing smartphone (Android) then you can definitely download also Dubsmash For PC apps without charge. but individuals want to use Grindr on the PC/Computer/laptop then just follow the many steps and revel in Grindr on pc. Nowadays were getting a whole lot inquiries regarding :

How to Download Grindr On PC

So we chose to post this awesome self-help guide to use Grindr on the pc. For taking advantage of these apps on the computer you will need to follow go here every one of the easy steps.

Grindr For PC- Windows/ MAC Free Download
Just adhere to the steps and next you can enjoy these famous android apps on your own PC or computer or laptop.
Step1:- If you want to run Grindr on PC then you need to be required the best Android Emulator. You can use the best emulator with your pc, that’s android emulator name is – Bluestacks. Just download this Bluestacks with your laptop/computer/pc and set it up .
Step 2:- After installing process now you will need to start Bluestacks emulator and check Grindr.
Step 3:- After getting Grindr icon your personal machine, press it on and download it with your computer.
Step 4:- After downloading Grindr Apps in your PC/Computer/Laptop you can now install Grindr on PC.
Step 5:- After installing Grindr On PC, just open Grindr apps on the pc on Windows 7/8/XP/MAC OC and have this awesome video application.

Grindr For PC Features
• Customize your quest to find your ideal man
• Choose a “Tribe” to declare your own personal sexy type, including Bear, Twink, Jock, and others
• View as much as 100 guys
• Save guys as favorites and block others
• Swipe quickly through profiles and views
• Chat, swap photos, and let guys know where you might be.

Read More On Google PlayStore
That’s it, all process is done. I hope you understood each of the processes to download and install Grindr On PC. If you have any problems associated with Grindr For PC- How To Download n Install then just comment here, I am going to solve all your problems linked to Grindr for pc.

Tour de France 2016 Live Online

Every day all over the country people make business presentations and several of them are a lot less than wonderful. Some are downright awful. To put your presentations over a positive track, you have to follow four basic keys.

1–Think within your speech or presentation out of your audience’s perspective. Whether you’re conversing with your boss, a company college, a crowd or a reporter, your prospects of success are usually greater in case you think of the remarks from another perspective. Ask yourself: What do they do know about your subject? What do they should know? And, how can I say to them in a way that they’ll understand?


Supplementing the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid), it is sometimes helpful??– particularly if the subject is technical — to seek out an analogy to help with making the point. If regulations put your organization at a competitive disadvantage, you may put Lance Armstrong within the starting line for that Tour de France 2016 Live. The other bicycle riders possess a clear road looking at them. Lance is within a separate lane festooned with potholes and also other obstacles. Fair? Of course not.
If you’re an engineer being forced to make the actual that, caused by attenuation rates your enterprise needs to begin a network of antennas to be sure quality cellular telephone service, you will make your point better in case you compare the antenna system to sprinkling the lawn. You want to set your sprinklers within a pattern that has the grass uniformly wet, without either gaps or saturation. Finding the best analogy to spell out your point will not be easy, but should you want your listeners or readers to essentially understand, it can certainly be really worth the effort.

2-Look Them In The Eye. Eye contact plays a crucial role in connecting you together with your audience. People are greatly predisposed to pay attention once you make regular eye-to-eye contact with them. If you’re looking approximately their heads, you will not see the nods of agreement that signal approval and the smiles of appreciation for any joke well told.

3-Tame Your Butterflies. Every person I have ever spoken with on individual??– on the first-timer towards the experienced professional??– feels some nervousness when they “go public.” Here’s my 4-step process for taming your butterflies.
Step One: Stretch ‘Em Out Since we store up nearly all of our tension within the shoulders and inside spinal column, begin with standing up straight with the feet spread comfortably apart. Now, pretend you might be holding an imaginary club across shoulders behind your neck. Rotate the shoulders as far as you are able to one way after which back one other, Tour de France results letting your brain follow along. By doing this 3 or 4 times, you may experience an instantaneous reduction in tension.

Step Two: Blow It Out Take within a lung packed with air, hold it a while, and let out your breath forcefully, completely draining your lungs of most air. Repeat the inhale/exhale cycle a couple of times and glance at the release of tension.

Step Three: Preview Success Now that you’re perfectly relaxed, breathe deeply and visualize success. Imagine someone who’s an opinion you respect approaching to you after your speech or interview and saying, You can also check pan card details click here all information. I think in college a great job.

The Three Step Process, which takes under two minutes to finish, can produce a world of difference with your success at Taming Your Butterflies. So there you have it. If you think of one’s speech or presentation on the audience perspective, look them inside the eye, and Tame your butterflies and you’ll be on track to giving dynamite presentations.

Dish TV D2H Customer Care Office Address

Are you in search of Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number? Then allow us to help you out of this. In this article, we’ll provide you Dish TV Office address, Customer Care Toll-Free Number, email ID etc.

Dish TV is India’s biggest Direct to Home (DTH) television operator using MPEG 4 DVB S2 and MPEG 2 digital compression technology.

It is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). It was ranked # 437 and # 5 one of several media companies in Fortune India 500 roster of India’s largest corporations this year. Dish TV seemed to be selected India’s most trusted DTH brand in line with the Brand Trust Report 2014, a survey conducted by Trust Research Advisory. It provides features for example parental lock, Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), games, 400+ channels and services, interactive TV and films on demand. It shows 38 HD channels.


Idea customer care number and Address:-

Offices Address: Dish TV India Pri., FC-19.

Sector-16 A, Film City,

Noida City,Uttar Pradesh State ,

India.Pin Code:201 301.

Dish Tv Customer Care Number In India: 0120-2550000.

Dish Tv Customer Care Contact Number:- 1860-180-3473 (for just BSNL/MTNL user).


Dish Tv North India Customer Care Support :- 011-60013474.

Dish Tv South India Customer Care Support :- 044-60013474.

Dish Tv East India Customer Care Support:- 033-60013474.

Dish Tv West India Customer Care Support :- 022-60013474.


Dish Tv Contact Official email :-

Dish TV Office Address and Phone Numbers in India



Phone Number

Delhi / NCR

Dish TV India Ltd.,B-10, Essel House, Lawrence Road,Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110035



Bihar / Jharkhand/ West Bengal/Sikkim





Dish TV India Ltd,Ratna Plaza, First floor, Lewis Road, Near CRAC Computer, Bhubaneswar-751002



Andhra Pradesh

Dish TV India Ltd,3-6-365/A, 4th floor, Sama towers,Himayath Nagar, Liberty cross roads, Hydrabad-500029

040-64501342 / 64501359



Dish TV India Ltd., 502 / 5th Floor , Mahalaya Complex, Nr.Hotel President,Opp. Municipal Market , Off. C. G . Road,Navarangpura , Ahmedabad :380009




Dish TV India Ltd. 106 ,Chawda Commercial Centre Behind Evershine Banquet, Mindspace, Chincholi Bunder Malad(West). Mumbai – 400064 Dishtv India Ltd.312,313 Shagun Commercial

022-61515555/ 022-61515513/022-61515512


Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh

Complex,Vijaynagar Cross Road, A.B.Road,Indore Madhya Pradesh (452010),Dish TV India Ltd (First Floor)

0731-4097606 / 613


Uttar Pradesh / Uttaranchal

Khasra No 1161/1162, Asha Ram MargOpp D PS School, Meerut Road , Ghaziabad

0120-2821306/ 05


Punjab/ Chandigarh/ J&K/Himachal Pradesh/Haryana

Dish TV India Ltd.,C-133, second Floor, Phase – III,Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab-160059

0172-4530671/ 72



Dish TV India Ltd, Vishnu Apartments,Flat No. 502, 5th Floor,A-8, Sardar Patel Marg,Jaipur – 302001.




Dish TV India Ltd.,Tara Kung , Ground Floor Number 22,Mumbai Pune Road,Mariai Gate Police chouki- 411003.




Dish TV India Ltd.,United Mansion,No-39,3rd floor,M.G.Road,Bangalore-560001



Tamil Nadu

Dish TV India Ltd.,Essel House,Alpha Centre,2nd Floor, No.-150 & 151, North Usman Road, Chennai -17

044-42123950 / 42123951



Dish TV India Ltd. No.39/1039, Nabeel Plaza, 7th Floor, MG Road, Pallimukku, Cochin-682016



North eastern states(NESA)

Dish Tv India Ltd, G.S Road,Royal Center,3rd Floor,Room No-304, Guwahati-781007



Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Guwahati- 033-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Hyderabad- 040-60013474

Idea prepaid customer care number Patna- 033-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Chhattisgarh- 0674-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Delhi- 011-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Ahmedabad- 079-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Goa- 0832-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Haryana- 011-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Himachal Pradesh- 0177-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Jammu and Kashmir- 0177-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Karnataka- 080-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Kerala- 0471-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Madhya Pradesh- 0755-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Mumbai- 022-60013474

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Orissa- 0771-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Punjab- 0172-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll Free Number Rajasthan- 0141-6001347

Reliance customer care number Tamil Nadu 044-60013474


Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Uttar Pradesh 0522-6001347

Dish TV Customer Care Toll-Free Number Kolkata- 033-60013474

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Are you cheerful with the customer service of Dish TV? Share your experience regarding support toll-free number around. Do leave a comment below. Stay connected to for more updates.

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