Asshole Drinking Game is known as a more complex and competitive game. It is a popular game in which player’s position will depend or yield to pre-game advantage or disadvantage and a player can win by getting rid of cards faster. All you need is a deck of cards and alcohol.

Asshole Drinking Game


Gather all the players where this game can be played. Let the players settle so that game can start. Then mutually select the dealer. Then that dealer will equally distribute the cards among the player. Guide properly to those players who do not know proper information about the game in order to prevent any confusion during the game.


The game will be carried in the following order:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Middle pack of people
  4. vice Asshole
  5. Asshole

Playing cards

During the second chance (regardless of the first card) while playing cards, it should be equal or greater than the last card played. If in case you played an equal card then the person sitting next to will lose the chance to play for the current round. At the end of the round, asshole clears the pile and the last person who placed the final card will begin the next round.

If the new hand has a pair, triples, quadruples of a card, that person will be highly lucky because he/she has the option to play them at once.

Special Cards

2s are super special. A single 2 can clear the pile and that lucky person will be next new hand for the upcoming round. Single 2 can clear round of doubles, triples or quadruples but sadly they cannot be played out of turn.


Positions are decided according to the 1st game. Whoever finishes first will be president, second is vice president, second last is the vice asshole, last will be an asshole and the players between will be normal players.

How to play Asshole Game respective to Special Position:


The president can force anyone to drink anytime for any reason. He/she has also the authority to ask the peasants to refill your drink anytime. The lucky president can exchange two cards with asshole according to his desire. Can start first the game because the president has the priority of the first turn.

Vice President

Can make anyone drink of vice president’s choice except the president. Before the game starts the vice president can ask any card from the vice asshole in order to exchange cards.

Normal people

Even in the group of normal people, the turn is decided according to their finishing order from the previous game. Can force each other and asshole to drink as per their rights in the game.

Vice Asshole

The Vice Asshole has the right to ask the asshole to drink and he/she has to give the cards to vice-president as per his/her choice.


An asshole has the last turn in the game. He/she has to give 2 cards to the president as per his/her choice. Dealing with the cards and clearing off the piles at the end of the game is done by an asshole. If anyone wants to refill drink then it has to be done by asshole only.

Drinking Rules

When is a player supposed to have a drink, will let you know in the following situations:

  1. A situation when you pass.
  2. In case your chance gets skipped.
  3. When 2 is being played.
  4. Whenever a player who has a better position than yours ask you to drink.
  5. A president calls the “Board Meeting” then all have to drink.

Extra Rules

If there is a person who has been the president for a couple of games then he/she can decide certain rules for the game which has to be followed by each and every player in the game. One cannot leave the game once it the game has begun.