Spotify Vs Apple Music – Competing for the Best Music App

There’s no doubt that Apple Music has taken the world by storm. But is it really the best place to start a new subscription or vice versa? We’ve done a lot of comparing with the two services. Apple Music provides free music videos and song downloads. Spotify also provides free music videos and song downloads. However, both Apple Music and Spotify offer more than just music videos and song downloads – they offer a huge library of audio tracks as well.

About Apple Music

Apple Music is limited to US residents only. So if you are from the US, you are out of luck! Apple Music has only recently announced geographical and unlimited music support, while Spotify offers a Podcast subscription service and even a smartphone app for your car. This ongoing comparison is constantly updated with new details on each service. Now let’s look at the features that differentiate both services. At this point, Spotify has some clear advantages over Apple Music.

Apple Music allows users to listen to their music by favourite bands/artists – not just popular albums. This is a big advantage over the current crop of mobile apps that allow users to listen to top albums. Apple Music also includes live radio stations that include various genres of music. Apple Music does not have a video on its website. While there are many rumours about video on the site, Apple Music does not yet have any major video streaming services installed on its app.

spotify vs apple

About Spotify

On the other hand, Spotify has an advantage over Apple Music. They allow you to listen to your own songs and music, while Apple Music limits you to Apple-approved songs and albums. If you have an iPhone, it is possible to download free music streaming services on the Spotify App, which have everything except for song lyrics (which are protected).

However, what sets Spotify apart from the pack is its ability to give you a high-quality audio stream with no subscription fees. Streaming is a great choice if you enjoy listening to live or up-to-date radio stations, as most people do. The latest songs are also available instantly, as opposed to being downloaded into the user’s device, which takes up a lot of space. Spotify’s streaming quality is therefore superior to Apple’s, and they also have other features like Song Sequences and Spatial Audio.

Which One is Better?

While both are best offline music apps for iPhone according to Geniusgeeks, the biggest drawback of the Spotify Vs Apple Music showdown is undoubtedly the price. Apple Music costs $2.99 per month, or you can pay a low fee of $2.99 per month if you open an account.

There are a variety of subscription options, and the most popular are the “unlimited” and “free” versions. However, most people don’t need to pay monthly because their tastes change often. It would be pointless to subscribe for a year, only to stop using the app after two months because you got bored. Plus, Apple Music users get access to more music and can listen to songs for as long as they want, for free. The best part about having a Spotify Premium account apart from Apple Music is, you will now be able to download songs offline on Apple Watch and listen them offline in the near future.

So, the verdict? In my opinion, it is a tossup between Spotify and Apple Music, with a little more focus on Spotify’s streaming quality in the short term. With lots of interesting new features coming in the next few months, the rivalry will definitely heat up!

In the meantime, my advice to you is to try Spotify connect for free until the springtime, and then decide for yourself. I’m assuming you are a music lover, as that would be pretty obvious, but even casual listeners should give Spotify a try, especially if you are travelling, and want to listen to your favourite songs wherever you are.

Apple Music is clearly the better of the two, but who knows if the gap will widen further? With the release of its newest device, the iPad 2, I expect that we will soon see a serious competition emerging between all the other streaming services, such as Pandora, which is not free to access.