Flaunt Best Plus Size Dresses That Add To Your Curves

Creating great apparel is all about lining your closet with quality clothes that suit you great.

Regardless of your shape, size, or skin tone, you will always look fantastic in something made from long-lasting materials designed for your measurements, be it jeans, suit or dress.

Yet some women are struggling to feel comfortable about the clothes they choose-particularly the corset dresses. Looking fabulous means dressing up for your type of body, and drawing attention to areas that make you feel confident about you. This guide will help every woman find her body and style in the best plus size dresses.


This silhouette produces an hourglass shape effect. It has a tailored top and bottom, and flares out at the waist in a triangular fashion. This style is perfect for women of all sizes & shapes. Plus size women should prefer A-line plus-size dresses made from sturdier fabrics such as cotton, rayon, denim, and polyester, rather than flowing, clingy alternatives such as silk and satin.


Such dresses gather just below the bust instead of at your natural waistline, highlighting your upper body instead of the bottom. This style of dress is ideal for women with oval, rectangular, or triangle body shapes, as it draws attention upward while beautifully draping over areas below the bust.

Corset Dresses

Corset dresses, invoking the garments worn in the 17th and 18th centuries have a panel that hugs some or all of the torso. While these “corsets” may or may not be boned or shaped to underline the waist, they usually have a laced detail on their back. Since this style of dress visually improves your figure, they serve as perfect plus size corset dresses and suits any type of body.  The corset and/or lace are designed in such a way that the panel is cinching in at the waist, forcing up the bust and creating an exaggerated hourglass shape at the hips.


In the last couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly seen many iterations of a dress with a ruffle at the waist. This style is called “peplum,” and it’s great to create an hourglass figure. While a peplum dress’s underlying structure is identical to that of a bodycon, an additional ruffle partially wraps around the natural waist, flaring out for a few inches. That makes the waist look smaller compared to the hips and shoulders. This means peplum dresses are ideal for rectangles or oval forms that wish to align their waist against the rest of their body.

Be it any body shape, corset dresses are for all. Buy online best corset drsses from ShapeAngels and get exclusive offers.