Understanding Web Development – Things Everyone Should Know

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If you are one that is thinking of applying for the course of web development and needs to know what exactly it is and how difficult it is going to be to learn and put into practice, you need to read this small article about its basics. 

Let’s start by knowing what web development refers to. 

Web Development 

In the simplest term, web development is a means to create a website for the internet. You might think it is a simple job, but it is not. It is not dealing with any normal language like English, but they have to translate it into computer understanding languages, like HTML or Python. It takes an immense amount of time, effort, and understanding of various programming languages to make one single webpage, let alone a whole website. Plus, it needs creative thinking in making right design decisions 

What Is A Webpage? 

In laymen words, a web page is an electronic page that is a part of a book, which in this case is called a website.  A webpage is a combination of different attributes like text, images, links, and videos. One webpage is linked to other web pages through hyperlinks. 

What Is A Hyperlink? 

As discussed earlier, a hyperlink is used to connect different web pages in a website. It directs you to a different page on the same website or different websites. The cursor usually changes when the mouse hovers over the text and in some cases, it changes color. 

What Is A Search Engine? 

The search engine lets you locate relevant websites based on the keywords and phrases you entered in the search bar. Some of the famous search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Imagine the Internet being a library and websites being books, you will get the gist. 

What Is A Web Browser? 

Web browsers are software applications that allow you to access everything on the Internet. Commonly used web browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari. 

What Is A Domain? 

A domain is like your identity on the internet. It is something that defines you and your website. It is also your ‘property’ in other terms as no one else ever can use the same domain name as yours. In technical words, it is the address that everyone will use to visit the homepage of your website. 

What Is Website Hosting? 

When you are done creating your website, you need to get it live on the internet. Of course, it just doesn’t get there itself, it needs to be ‘hosted’ on the internet and this is done through a hosting provider. This still is just a start, visit promactinfo.com to know more about web development.