Here’s How to Speed Up Windows 10 in a Right Way!

How to Speed Up Windows 10

In our previous post, we discussed about creating custom emoticon on Mac and today we will discuss about speeding up Windows 10 systems. When most people hear the term “speed up Windows 10”, they think that it’s about having a faster computer. Of course, it makes sense because the computer loading times can cost you almost five and half days in a year as per the study by SanDisk back in 2013. But things have changed now.

Speed Up Windows 10 With These Tips!

There are actually some advanced techniques that you can do that will really help your computer run like it should without spending a lot of money on technology.

Changing Desktop Theme?

The desktop theme is another thing you can do. For example, when you get a new desktop theme you can go to the theme manager and turn off the change the wallpaper setting. This way you can see better and more interesting desktop themes on your computer.

How to Speed Up Windows 10

Also, use the free program called Aero Snap. This program gives you the best performance when it comes to windows desktop. This allows your computer to be more dynamic, and it loads up your windows faster than ever before.

Check Which Software is Utilizing More CPU

A big factor in your computer speed will be with specific software. You want to keep an eye out for what software is slowing down your computer. With any luck you’ll know it when you see it.

It’s important to check this software when you download them to your computer. Some of them will slow your computer down, especially if you install them. This software may cause your computer to slow down the next time you use it.

However, if your system is too slow and you use your mouse or keyboard for repetitive tasks, you can actually take the help of an auto clicker that can automate a lot of things. It can work with most of the software and it doesn’t consume more CPU power as well.

Keep Registry Clean

A clean registry is probably the most important part of how to speed up Windows 10. Make sure your registry is clean, and also make sure your system is running at a high level. Use all the tools available to make your computer run faster. Be sure that you have a good anti-virus, and also that you use a firewall.

This is something which anybody who has a computer should be doing. If your registry is full of junk, then it may take more time to load up your desktop. Your computer could run slow or crash. Not to mention that it will be difficult to download anything from the internet because of the size of the files that are inside the registry.

Also, with the software that you’re using to speed up Windows, be sure that you update the software. You never know when a new software program might offer you a better quality of service.

Check Your RAM

Ensure you’re using the computer for your needs. The higher the greater, your RAM speed. Additionally, you want a solid chip to make your computer run faster.

Speed up Windows 10 is not as difficult as it sounds. There are some programs that you can install that will make your computer run much faster. Make sure that you use the right program for your computer, because the wrong program could slow down your system to the point where it becomes unusable.

Here’s a video that has every detail to speed up your Windows 10.

Final Words

Accelerate Windows 10 is a matter of creating certain that you’re operating your computer at its greatest level. Maintain your registry clean, and use the right programs for your needs. You’ll have a better computer very quickly if you do this. Stay tuned to TechDumpster blog for more updates on Windows tutorials.