6 Types Of Thongs Every Woman Should Own

There is no denying the actual fact that thongs are the style queens of the fashion world. Once having ample exposure as swimwear, they’re step by step changing into one in all the foremost standard panties designs these days.

Are you curious about what thongs area unit and what makes them thus popular? Thongs are essentially small triangular panties that solely offer front coverage, rendering an attractive exposure to buttocks.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Thongs?

Thong panties are categorized consistent with the coverage they supply. You would like to be versed with all the kinds and follow the one that goes well together with your body-build.


Designed for bottom play, a typical G-string thong has an associate elastic string that bridges the front a part of underclothing to the sash at the rear. During a shell, it’s a triangular piece of material with string.


The latest craze among girls is the C-String thongs. They create a large ‘C’, thereby justifying the name. These thongs have stupefied the whole nightwear world by their innovative new concept! They cowl solely the intimate areas and don’t embody support waist-strings. However, they embody a versatile internal frame that ensures that the attire stays intact.

Tummy Thongs:

The High waisted Body Shaper tummy control thong for ladies helps to present you the slimmer figure you want! Attain that in-demand sandglass form with body shaper waist management thongs.

The Cheeky:

If you would like most coverage, swear by the ‘cheeky’ thong. The duvet good a part of the rear whereas still providing decent exposure to buttocks.

Cotton Thongs:

A delight for tropical climate, these thongs are created in breathable soft-textured cotton. If you would like to stay it bottom, however trendy, select solid colors. However, if you would like to feature some fun, strive funky prints and styles.

Lacy Thongs:

Thongs are already the sexiest and a lacy one is certain to arouse the sex divinity in you! Finely crafted in pretty laces, they’re precisely what you would like to boost your night.