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Black Abaya is much more than a religious symbol. It is a compelling mixture of both devotion and culture. One does not look overdressed or underdressed in an elegant Black Abaya. It is a sign of respect and dignity towards Almighty. Abaya brings an aesthetic beauty and splendid appearance to your body which enlightens your look for the evening.

Black Abaya serves its function of being religious. It is an Islamic dress code which is also worn because of its different style and uniqueness. In the Holy book of Islam, it is said that women should cover their body parts from the men who are not directly connected to them, because of this reason, many women wear Black Abaya for the purpose of following their Almighty’s commands.

Earlier, Muslim women wore Abaya because of its black colour as no one could see underneath. Initially, Abayas were made from one piece, both for head and the body and then it went all the way to the floor which covered both the head and the body.

Black Abaya is a pleasing mixture of great design, perfect embroidery, foremost patterns and detailed artwork. It depicts the symbol of grace, fashion and elegance. Muslim women love to wear Abaya because of their different styles and patterns that will create an impressive look. It is a combination of dark colour, traditional theme and creative cut that every woman is looking forward to wear. Black Abaya has an inbuilt ability to keep women fashionable and comfortable. It helps you to deliver smart and casual looks.

Simple Black Abaya

Simple Black Abayas are made up of lightweight fabric that will hang loosely and so it makes them easy to carry and will give an aesthetic appeal to a woman’s body. It will serve as an epitome of class and beauty. Be it an anniversary, birthday party or any other festival celebration, Black Abayas will help you in becoming the centre of attraction. They will be loved by many women who want to look fashionable and durable.

Black Abayas are popular because of their foremost designs and detailed embroidery work. The styles of Abaya may differ from region to region depending on its pattern and style. It is a perfect example of elegance and modesty. They come in different designs and pattern like:

Black Open Abaya Styles

Black open Abaya is an important element for every modest wardrobe. It is the most versatile Abaya which can be worn for any occasion as well as for everyday wear. Open Abaya is made up of high quality of Nidah fabric and you will feel more comfortable by wearing it. It also comes with a matching belt. It has an impressive ability to transform any simple outfit into a standout staple.

It also comes with bell-shaped sleeves which are adorned with golden hand stitched detail. They are famous because of their ethnic pattern and style. Another form of Black open Abaya includes a lace trimming running down the front of Abaya and the cuffs which makes it definitely a pretty piece and it is hard not to fall in love with. These are the Abayas which are preferred and admired by every woman because it covers all the patterns and styles of an ideal Abaya.

Long Sleeved Black Abaya

Long Sleeves will add more beauty to your Abaya. The Long sleeves Black Abaya also come in different styles and patterns. They include bell-shaped sleeves, long plain sleeves, umbrella cut sleeves or bat sleeves. They will make you look fashionable and elegant at the same time.

Front Neck Pattern For Abaya

Abaya looks more beautiful with its elegant Front neck pattern. With its unique neck pattern, you can look gorgeous which will help you to become the centre of attraction. Neck patterns may include Collar neck, O-neck, Round neck, V-neck etc. They will make you look stylish and comfortable.

Black Abayas have grown significantly over the years. Various types of designs, styles and embroideries are incorporated to create several pieces. The modern styles of Black Abaya are gaining popularity day by day. It will not only serve as a symbol of modesty but its leading designs and detailed artwork will serve as a fashion symbol for many women.

Abaya is the most flexible and convenient apparel. It should have a place in every Muslim girl’s wardrobe. You can put it over your pyjamas and head to your party, it will look like you have spent hours getting ready but the reality is it didn’t take half a minute to get ready.

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