Why You Should Learn Web Development?

Web Development in Demand!

Have you ever thought about starting a career in web development? If not, then start thinking today. Everything is going digital these days; shopping online, getting news, information, courses and everything else online has raised a huge competition in the digital world. Everybody wants to do business online, Why to go out when you can earn online? Definitely Web development is a great career choice. But you are not going to be master in 1 or 2 months.

Here is why you should learn Web Development & how you can do it:-

1. There are always web development jobs available:

It is said that there will be approximately 1.4 million computing jobs in Web Development Companies available in 2020, with only 400,000 qualified developers to fill them! Those interested in obtaining in-demand skills can certainly benefit from having web development and coding in their resume. It’s safe to say that there is, and will continue to be, high demand for web developers. You won’t have to worry about finding jobs for web developers any time soon in near future.

2. A Great Income:

With the increasing demand of Web Developers in the IT industry, there has been a great hike in their salaries. On an average, a Web Developer earns up to 2.75 to 3.5 lakhs per annum in India. The salary of a fresher web developer in India ranges between 2LPA -12 LPA! These differences in salaries arise based on the knowledge of different candidates & what companies are looking for.

So, even if you have 10 years of experience, you won’t get paid if you don’t know how to make a website or have the required knowledge of it. In short, there is a huge advantage in terms of salary if you have that skills & potential.

3. You can work from Anywhere:

Ever imagined to work from anywhere you like and at any time as per your preferences? Being a Web Developer has its own perks of working from anywhere anytime according to your conveniences.

4. You can work at an awesome tech company:

Tech is where you need to be right now. Because there is a huge demand for skilled Web developers right now that even little-trained developers are filling those positions. Tech companies are doing a great job in making the job life of their employees a comfortable one. If you choose to work for a tech company as a web developer, you’ll enjoy free food, ping pong, and even friendly coworkers.

5. There are always freelance opportunities.

If you are that kind of person who likes to work form projects to projects on your terms & conditions, then freelancing is definitely for you. Once you join this web development community, there are plenty of freelancing opportunities for you. You can even charge per hour for your work in this area.

6. It’s creative and fun.

Web Development gives you an opportunity to express yourself creatively on the internet. If you have an idea that you want to try & share as you discover your web development skills, just try it out.

Deciding a career is always a difficult decision, especially when you’re unsure of what the outcome will be after you’ve invested time and money into learning a new trade. Fortunately, the high in demand, easy-to-learn and fun-to-experience life of a web developer is always a great choice for someone ready to have an exciting career in coding.

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