6 Features of Next Generation Smartphone

Features of Next Generation Smartphone

What are the features of Next Generation Smartphone

Do you know, when was first Smartphone launched?

In 1994, yes! The first Smartphone was launched on August 16, 1994, Named IBM’S SIMON.  You could send EMAILS through IBM’s Simon at that time.

After that many companies are coming in the Smartphone market in the 2000s. There was 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Smartphone came into the market. Currently, 4th Generation Smartphone is running (And 5th Generation is coming!). There are a lot of unique features will be loaded in Next Generation Smartphone. So, here we provide the details about features of next generation smartphone you should know about.

Next Generation Smartphone Features You Should Know About

Here are the 6 features will be available in Next Generation Smartphone

Foldable Phones:

How’s that if you able to put your phones in your pocket like tissue paper or hanky?

Isn’t it sounds good or exciting?

Yes! It is possible. In October 2018 Chinese company ROYOLE FLEXPAI launched the first foldable Smartphone.

South Korean company Samsung and Chinese company Huawei will also be going to launch their brand-new Foldable Smartphone very soon. The cost and design of the phone are not specified yet but it will come into the market very soon.

Support 5G Connections:

Nowadays, smart phone is running on 4th Generation connections, but very soon in 2020 5th Generation connections will be come.

5G connections will be faster and lighter than the 4th Generation. 5G connections will be come up with higher bandwidth.

Let’s look out some basic features of 5G connections:

  • Download speed up to 10Gbps
  • 999% availability
  • 100% coverage

Ultra-Fast Charging:

Fast charging is working right now on some Smartphone, but as you know people want MORE! So, the upcoming features in next-generation Smartphone have Ultra-Fast Charging. Ultra-Fast Charging will charge your phones within 5-10 minutes from 0 Percentage to 100 Percentage.

Much More Internal Space:

Do you know how much internal storage was available in FIRST Apple iPhone?

4 GB internal storage and 128 MB RAM! Yes, you read right.

At that time 4 GB of internal storage was too much space. Nowadays, almost every phone has more than 3 GB of RAM. All the phones have 32 GB or more than 32 GB internal space available nowadays.

Next Generation Smartphone will be come up with 10 GB or more than 10 GB of RAM and 256 GB or more than 256 GB of internal storage.

Higher the RAM capacity means the smoother performance of the Smartphone. So, Higher RAM capacity will give you better and smoother performance.

Much Thinner:

What happens if you put your Smartphone in your wallet like a Credit card?

Yes! It is possible in the next Generation Smartphone.

Next Generation Smartphone will become much more-thinner than current Generation Smartphone.

Camera Features:

A camera is one of the best and hot favorite segments in Smartphone. Nowadays, almost all new phones come up with a dual camera. The dual camera feature is directly competing with DSLR for short distance capturing right now. Currently, many Smartphone is available in the market with decent camera quality. But in the next generation Smartphone you have almost all the features that DSLR have currently!

This is all about Next Generation Smartphone Features.

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